Go Green

Sustainability is part of our identity in EGBANK; We believe we have responsibilities towards the environment we live in, and that is why we have dedicated this section.
Living green is very important for us that we feel committed to tell the world about it. We do that by furthering our reach into society and spreading awareness in hopes of changing mindsets. We are happy to share with you a few simple behaviors that we can collectively adopt to ensure a better future for generations to come.

Save Energy

  • Make sure to switch off equipment or unused devices
  • Turn off computer when you are not using it
  • Do not leave the charger, kettle, or other devices connected to the socket without using it
  • Keep AC temperature at 22-23


  • Replace inefficient, high energy light bulbs with lower wattage, energy saving lights
  • Make sure to turn off lights

Waste management

  • Install air dryers in bathrooms and not a towel dispenser
  • Encourage drinking water from a single vendor or in glass cups
  • Use toilet paper made of recycled material
  • Donate hardware, old furniture, books to get recycled

Reduce paper and office waste

  • Purchase recycled paper
  • Implement default double sided printing
  • Use old paper for drafts and scrap paper
  • Use recycled pens and notebooks
  • Allocate a printer on server for black and white
  • Do not use color printing unless necessary

Chemical free environment and health

  • Have a plant at each room or desk
  • Encourage a get up and move culture to avoid prolonged sitting