Our Values

EGBANK strives to contribute to the world’s sustainable development. We acknowledge and adhere to our responsibility towards the community and our planet earth by taking serious steps to create an efficient work environment. One of our principles in EGBANK is “Moving towards Sustainability”. We continually work on manifesting internal changes that have a constructive effect on the business and the social levels.

On the business level, we strive to manage our resources and assets; we try to conserve energy, save costs and achieve operational efficiency. We seek to practice these measures every day to positively affect the economy, society and environment. We also aim to apply processes that simplify the workflow in a way that decreases resources consumption. Our objective is to apply the 3 (R)s; Recycle, Reduce and Reuse of all resources. On the social level, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities are focused on eco-friendly activities and educational initiatives. Our strategy revolves around enabling young entrepreneurs break into the business world, whether through financial support or transferring banking knowledge. We also seek to support students through internship programs and scholarships. Recently, EGBANK has signed an agreement with the American University in Egypt to establish EGBANK Public School Scholarship in Business Administration awarded to outstanding undergraduate students from Egypt’s Public Schools. To be able to give this incredible learning opportunity to some of Egypt’s finest youth is a privilege and a chance to invest in the future and we look forward to witness its outcome.

Additionally, one of our goals is to raise awareness socially around the eco-friendly approaches especially among the younger generations. We also seek to work in rural areas on the waste management problem which according to research can be a great source of income to the underprivileged when trained well. 

Internally, we adopt transparency in all of EGBANK communication. We have an engaging and open environment that promotes innovation and creativity. We make sure our staff engages in CSR activities to engrain a sense of awareness and ownership toward the community.