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About Us

Today’s bank reflects yesterday’s heritage and experience

Our Vision

To become a leading sustainable bank that serves the evolving needs of our customers.

Our Mission

To constantly improve and develop our services in 3 areas -Customer Satisfaction, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability.


We use green practices to positively impact the environment, the economy - and the society.

This means reducing, reusing and recycling resources wherever possible ,and encouraging our staff to increase productivity with the latest tools and training.

Customer delight

We offer a new, friendly, approach to banking.

We would like customers to think of us a partner, not just a bank - and to use our modern, smart and specially customized products with ease.


We want to revolutionise banking!

By nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit and acting as a partner as much as a bank, we aim to spark innovative thinking, passion - and help realize our customers' dreams.


EGBANK was established in 1981, under the investment law 43/1974 and its amendments. EGBANK’s main founders are; Salah Mahmoud, Gawad Bu Khamseen, Fahd El Shobokshy, Abdel Rahman El Sharbatly and Misr Insurance, who had a vision of establishing an Egyptian bank to serve and support the developmental projects in Egypt and the Arab countries.

Since its establishment, EGBANK grew organically throughout the years and maintained competent healthy portfolio, strong level of stability and profitability in relevance to its size. EGBANK followed a smart expansion strategy that depended on collaborating in strategic projects, with successful symbols of potential sectors, with the aim of offering value added services to the Egyptian market.

EGBANK expanded in many sectors such microfinance and financial Natural Gas. Starting 2009 onwards, EGBANK signed business protocols with Net Gas, TAQA and lately Misr Gas. EGBANK wallet of financing natural gas has currently reached EGP 85 million; with the aim of growing it to reach 1 billion Egyptian pounds by 2020.

Recently, EGBANK adopted an aggressive revamp strategy and expansion plan that aims to reposition the bank in the Egyptian market, to become one of the key players operating in Egypt. EGBANK witnessed substantial growth under the leadership of the current management team. The bank is adopting an ambitious strategy to become one of the most important financial institutions in the coming three years.

EGBANK is a member in COMESA Bankers’ Association and the International Finance Corporation Association.

Corporate Governance

EGBANK Board Of Directors members possess a wide range of skills and thorough experiences in relevant field of expertise, which enables them to make valuable contributions to EGBank’s mission fulfillment.

EGBANK's directors are a team of highly experienced and skilled financiers, with expertise across a wide range of areas.

Responsible for EGBANK’s efficient and seamless management, they protect and enhance shareholders' long term value, define and monitor EGBANK's strategic objectives and constantly ensure goals are met.

Working to ensure that effective Governance, Risk and Control measures are in place, we've created a framework based on three lines of defense (Business / Risk, Control and Support / Internal Audit) with a thorough and detailed analysis of each business and its risk elements. Disciplined, structured and effective communication between EGBANK’s executives, its board of directors, shareholders and other stakeholders means we identify and deal with all possible risks, effectively and on time.

The board of directors has established committees covering various responsibilities. These are:

Supreme Administrative Committee:

- 2 non-executives, 1 executive

Audit Committee:

- 3 non-executives

Risk Committee:

- 3 non-executives

Remuneration Committee:

- 3 non-executives

Corporate Governance and Nomination Committee:

- 3 non-executives

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