The instructions and tips for Miles Registration

- Steps :

  • Step 1: Visit FLYIN website to create your username.

  • Step 2: Register over EGBANK miles page with your account, your name, and FLYIN username.

  • Step 3: Contact the Bank call center to redeem your miles.

  • Step 4: Visit FLYIN website with your registered username for booking.

* noting that steps 1 & 2 are only required for the first redemption, and then the process will start from the 3rd step for later redemption requests

- Here are the disclaimers statements :

  • I hereby declare that all data, information, and details provided by me to the Bank and stipulated in the content of this form are true and under my responsibility.

  • I undertake to contact the banks’ call center within one working day from the date of submitting the request on the website of the bank.