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Corporate Governance

One of the main responsibilities of the Bank’s Board Of Directors is ensuring the proper implementation and spreading the culture of Corporate Governance. This includes the Code of Conduct and Whistle Blowing Policy. The Senior Management also sets related policies to cover Conflict of Interest, Disclosure and Transparency. The Code of Corporate Governance takes effect under an umbrella of independent control areas including Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance , to know more Click here

Management Board

Our Board members provide guidance and leadership for the institution to ensure that the right strategy and controls are in place and that the institution is delivering value to shareholders, employees and the community.

​The Board is composed of ten members; two executive and eight non-executive members with a wide diverse knowledge and background experience that gives EGBANK a balanced mix and competitive edge. The Board primarily focuses on long-term financial returns and the best interest of all stakeholders. Our Board plays a major role in setting the Bank’s strategy and key policies, along with pursuing and maintaining its long-term success. Through providing entrepreneurial leadership, sound strategies and risk management, our Board contributes to realizing the welfare of all stakeholders.

Some of the current board members families are considered as the main founders of the bank. The main vision behind founding the bank was to establish a private Egyptian bank to serve and support the developmental projects in Egypt and the Arab countries. It was born by the main founders of the Egyptian Gulf Bank; Salah Mahmoud, Gawad BuKhamseen, Fahd ElShbokshy, Abdel Rahman ElSharbatly and Misr Insurance, within an era where the economic scene was witnessing improvement and potential growth.

Mohamed Gamaleldin Mohamed Mahmoud

Chairman - Non-Executive

Nidal ElKassem Mohamed Assar

Vice Chairman & Managing Director

Bukhamseen Holding Group

Non-Executive Board Member
Represented by Raed Jawad Bu khamseen

Misr Insurance Company

Non-Executive Board Member
Waiting for new nominee

Misr Life Insurance Company

Non-Executive Board Member
Waiting for new nominee

Egyptian production of allinr and paper alflotng

Non-Executive Board Member
Waiting for new nominee

Wael Fouad Eissa Jamjoom

Independent Board Member

Non-Executive Board Memeber
Waiting for nomination approval

Amr Mohamed Tawfik Mostafa BakirR

Executive Board Member

Al-Arabiya Real Estate

Non-Executive Board Memeber
Represented by Jassim Hassan Zainal

Ahmed Farouk Aly Weshahy

Independent Board Member

Mohamed Amin Ibrahim

Independent Board Member

Stock information

EGBANK is a Joint Stock Company, listed and traded in the Egyptian Stock Exchange Market. Egyptian and Arab Investors with different expertise and visions aimed to fulfill the needs of the significantly growing Arab markets. Combining several nationalities to build a diversified culture; Egyptian, Saudi and Kuwaiti investors came altogether establishing EGBANK.. The main Egyptian Shareholders of EGBANK are; “Mohamed Mahmoud Group” which is a strong influential family business that has contributed to the welfare of the Egyptian economy, alongside with Misr Insurance Company & Misr for Life Insurance Company. In addition to,NAEEM holding for investment co., representing major part of the Egyptian shareholders. Moreover, among the reputable shareholders of EGBANK is the well-Known” Sharbatly & Shoboukshi Group” from Saudi Arabia that has strong and significant businesses serving the whole Arab region and Bakhash Saudi Arabia family. In addition to, the sound Kuwaiti investors” Bukhamseen Group” that plays a vital role in shaping the economy in the gulf area. Other Egyptian and Foreign investors representing approx.. 9.73% of total Shares

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